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    Condo Management with Better Results


Effective condo management results in Better Quality, Better Value, and Fewer Headaches for board members.   Enlan delivers results.


Real property management involves more than making phone calls when something goes wrong.  Our company serves condominium associations with a more traditional management approach -- using the tools of professional management (planning, organizing, etc.), to deliver improved quality and efficiency.       


Condominium Management Based on Stewardship

Enlan Condominium Management serves condominium associations based the principle of stewardship.  Stewardship is an old concept that refers to taking care of someone else's property as if it were your own.  Condo board members can take comfort in knowing that someone is looking out for their property in a manner that reflects their values. 


Our condo management approach respects the homeowners' investment in their property, and the valuable time of board members providing volunteer service.  We call this 360 Degree Value.



The CondoManagement360 Program 

We deliver a complete condominium management program to enhance L-T value, predictability, fairness, consistency, and quality.  This is the opposite of "penny wise and pound foolish".   We help condo association boards keep their focus on the big picture.  This is CondoManagement360™.

Enlan Condominium Management Company

When you contact Enlan Condominium Management, we will do a thoughtful evaluation of your condo association's requirements, and we will present realistic options for better quality and value.



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Serving Chicago  -- Downtown

 Enlan Condominium Management Corporation provides property management services to condominium and townhome associations in and near downtown Chicago including the communities of:



  • North Loop -- Near North

  • South Loop -- Near South

  • West Loop  -- Near West


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