Luxury Management is NOT a Luxury

For many associations , “luxury management” is not a luxury — it is expectation of residents who purchased what were marketed as “luxury condominiums”.  The absence of luxury management may be a key factor in why many condo associations are significantly undervalued in the marketplace.

What is a “luxury condominium”?

As a property management company, we have the opportunity to serve associations that developers had marketed as “luxury”.  A few years later, a board is faced with the mundane problems of building repair issues, resident conflicts, and too many needs with not enough  enough money.  Luxury may be the last thing on their minds, as they deal with the day to day crisis a few years after the developer is out of the picture.  When the condo units were being sold, the developer’s marketing as “luxury condos” seemed credible.  Those days are a distant past.

How Association Size Affects Luxury Management

Inefficiency is No Luxury


For associations that choose to provide a luxury environment, but do not have the funds for traditional luxury amenities, Enlan offers Smart-Luxe™ as an alternative.  Smart-Luxe™ is a way of efficiently providing the luxury touches that set an association apart.